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How advancement in technology aids in Skill Development at a rapid scale?

The introduction of several new technologies and electronic gadgets has always played an important role in initiating transformation in the education sector in several ways. When education gets coupled with technology, it becomes easier for both students and teachers to equally engage and create a hassle-free environment for learning. The use and introduction of technology have become quite imperative as an element to solve the endless intricacies of our lives. Thus, standing in this 21st century it can be understood that the development of science and technology has in a way played a very vital role in boosting the global economy, too. As it is the use and employment of sophisticated technology that is helping to boost the business and economy, which is visible in every sector, especially in education.

Role of technology in education

The introduction of technology has been very crucial in the transformation of the educational sector, as both public and private schools are taking up sophisticated tools and gadgets to make the process of learning easier. Tracing to the origin of the different surveys by education experts, it can be seen that when education is coupled with technology and students do take up a special interest in engaging with their learning. In such a way Internet has also played a key role in making technology more accessible to people.

The role of technology in the field of education is divided into four major categories, which can be understood as a part of the Curriculum, instructional delivery system, as means of aiding instructions, and as a tool to enhance the entire learning process.

According to a report of the US Government, it has been found that both public and private schools have atleast one computer dedicated to five students, where they spend more than 3$ Billion USD annually on digital content. As a few years ago the US government announced its plans to introduce high-speed internet and free-online teaching resources in every school in the rural area. However, this was also followed by the major European Countries and some Asian countries, including India. Thus, the use of electronic gadgets is also helping students and teachers a great deal to use them for both academic and non-academic purposes. Somehow, the introduction of iPods, smartboards, tablet PCs, and digital electronic devices helps to prepare students for the future as well.

A major advantage that the use of technology and electronic gadgets give is in terms of assisting the students to enhance their skills. A majority of educational institutions today are technology-enabled. Thereafter, these are being used properly for teaching and training of students. Also, the employing of technology-enabled education helps students to improve their skills and take their scale of learning beyond the traditional level.

How technology helps in skill development and why educational organizations are taking up more enhanced technologies and tools?

The use of technology for skill development has been seen as the most effective strategy for upskilling technology teams, whereby an organization’s ability to use them is a driver of competitive advantage for drawing out necessary business outcomes. Technology teams are successful, only when they stand relevant with their skills. The companies also cannot have a winning strategy without having the relevant tech skills that require mapping of strategic business objectives. In such a way the organizations also need to build muscle for developing and applying technology and skills effectively.

One of the most common ways of solving tech-based problems is mostly related to matching up with up-to-date technologies and strategies and tools to effectively organize skills and teams. However, in such a way technology skills development puts tech skills at the forefront of the strategic initiatives, by which they are working towards developing the CIOs and CTOs.

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