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Public Administration and its emerging scope of study as an established discipline

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Public Administration is one of the most highly demanding and emerging dynamic fields of study in India and the entire world which is gaining wide prominence and acceptance amongst educational institutions worldwide. Public Administration can also be understood to be a field where one gets to study and learn the role and involvement of the inter-relationships between Political Leadership, Bureaucratic Machinery, and the people. Public Administration equips professionals with the necessary skill set and the knowledge to manage all the levels of statecraft and governance and balance between the roles involving the people and the non-profit organizations as well.

In such a way, the educational degree programmes on Masters of Public Administration, or Masters of Arts on Public Administration, or rather a Ph.D. or Post-Doctoral Research equips a person to advance in their careers to become decision-makers and policy implementors to deal with tasks of resource management, communication, and interpersonal engagement, budget financing, law and order maintenance, or public sector data analysis. In such a way we will try to understand from this blog, what a programme to study Public Administration has to offer.

Understanding the Role of a Public Administrator

Before proceeding further, it becomes quite necessary for us to understand what exactly a Public Administrator does or who is a Public Administrator. After whom this course is recognized and designed. As per the ethos of the Discipline, a Public Administrator can be known as a Trained and Educated professional, like a Civil Servant or a Bureaucrat, or even a permanent or a Non-Permanent Executive. As the day-to-day responsibilities and roles of public administrators vary depending on the job and the organization where Public Administrators work, there lies a common thread of commitment to serve the community and government as well.

Thus, in comparison to any other branch of or Discipline of Political Science, Public Administration is something that studies the process of how bureaucratic professionals engage with Civilians and works with the Government to carry out functions of Statecraft and order.

About Public Administration as an Educational Discipline

Public Administration is a Discipline of Political Science. But still, it is taught separately like International Relations or Political Philosophy, because it was done with the aim of creating a separate discipline for public administration graduates and public policy schools to give a strong methodical understanding of the discipline from theory to practical means. Although Public Administration has been successful in becoming a field of study, at the same time it has held itself as a form of public governance as well. Thus, in order to understand the problems and issues faced by Civil Servants to deal with, Public Administration works to narrow down the area of focus making it specific as per a student’s scope of learning remain permitted.

Universities or colleges offering Public Administration as a programme enables students to pursue foundation courses in research of public policy, trade, and management of public sector affairs. As the programme covers a wide range of elements to study including economics, statistics, political science and diplomacy, sociology, finance, and current developments. At the same time Universities and colleges also applies a wider scope of study and knowledge within the public domain where the discipline includes the study of management information systems, organizational behaviour, operational research, and quantitative analysis as well.

Mostly for Civil Servants, this program aims to equip them with roles, and principles to define management strategies in the public sector to help carry out management strategies in the public sector and expertise to carry out budgetary management processes. As political science has based its practices and principles on dealing with analyses, the field of public administration also consists of the creation of agencies of the government, which plays a vital role in managing and administering public forums through legislative and executive authority within a given area. However, Public Administration as a Discipline focuses its study on the structure of government policies, government programmes, and also the behaviour of government officials as well.

Career Scope of Public Administration

Public Administration is a discipline that has certain scopes, though not so wide. But still some lucrative scopes of career like taking up internships and research with Public Policy Institutions, Schools, and Think Tank Groups, Research, and Academia, employment in Government Organizations and Law Enforcement Agencies. But the top most preferred choice is to pursue a Prestigious Career in Civil Services.

Also, other career opportunities like that of a Tax Analyst, Administrative Consultant, Fundraising Manager, International Aid developer, and worker, with being an independent activist also can be certain opportunities that can be quite interesting to pursue. As having an interdisciplinary mixture of experiences of studying both Law and Public Administration can be a very unique combination.



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