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The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi signs MoU with the Government of UAE to establish....

The recently concluded one-day State visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United Arab Emirates witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which has proposed to mark the establishment of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Delhi) campus in Abu Dhabi. This initiative and development come as a part of the ‘IITs Go Global’ Campaign and signifies a step forward in India’s efforts to extend its educational expertise beyond its borders. The new International Campus of IIT Delhi in Abu Dhabi will serve as a symbol of fostering mutual prosperity and global progress, in alignment with the National Education Policy of the Government of India.

A brief background of the effort

The IIT Campus in Abu Dhabi has aimed to set a new precedent in leveraging the power of knowledge to drive a shared agenda for contributing to global advancements. The Institution will be commencing with courses offering full-time Post-Graduation and Graduation with Bachelors’ Degree Courses in January 2024. The main objective will be oriented towards offering a diverse range of educational programs. However, the establishment of this campus will further help to reinforce IIT Delhi’s Commitment to excellence and innovation.

This decision to establish the IIT campus in the UAE was announced in August 2022, building upon the vision statement jointly issued by both the countries, in the previous year. In such a way, several countries have also expressed their interest in hosting the establishment of IIT Campuses on their soil. The IIT Delhi had also expressed its prior interest in setting up campuses in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which also emerged as the chosen institution to execute this significant undertaking. This initiative is an example of a collaborative spirit of shared commitment to promote academic excellence and global educational exchange.

All about the ‘IITs Go-Global Initiative’

The foray of IIT-Delhi to establish its overseas campus in Abu Dhabi was followed by the recent milestone achieved by the IIT-Madras with signing of the MoU for establishing a Campus in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The Zanzibar Campus is also a symbol of demonstrating the IIT’s dedication towards diversity and inclusivity, which will be showcasing the contribution towards national and international development.

These ventures initiated by the IITs represent a transformative shift in India’s Higher Education Landscape, as these institutions bring their expertise to foreign shores. By establishing international campuses, the IITs are moving towards expanding their access to quality technical education to forge a strong global partnership.

The plan for establishing this IIT campus in Abu Dhabi comes as a result of the CEPA signed by India and UAE. However, both countries have agreed to set up this new international branch of the institution. Currently, there are about 23 IIT campuses functioning in India, and the second this will be the Second International Campus of the IIT. Under this CEPA an effort has also been sought to initiate the rise of start-ups in India and UAE to ensure support to such institutions and help in initiating the growth and enhancement of technical education by focussing on areas of educational technology, fintech, agriculture, innovation and research studies on logistical and global supply chain initiative or green energy.

Thus, in such a way several consequent directives have been initiated and issued to explore the mechanisms and sectors to promote collaboration. However, this IIT is set to make its mark in the UAE by increasing enhanced cooperation, exchange of knowledge, and introducing unique innovation in the field of education.

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